You deserve the opportunity to better serve your patients.
You’re in the business of healthcare - and in healthcare the “s-word” is dirty.
If you want to do right by your patients, and keep your business profitable, your patients must accept the treatment they need.
That means confronting the inevitable: SALES.

You’re an experienced professional. The minute someone leaves a consultation, you know exactly what kind of treatment they need. The problem is, they walk right past your financial coordinator and let their problems fester until their next annual visit.

There’s a better way to run your practice and serve your patients more effectively.

  • You can stop the drill and fill cycle for good and make the shift to comprehensive care up front. 
  • You can improve your intake calls so patients know exactly what to expect before they sit down with you.
  • You can create value for your patients one-on-one, chairside.
  • You can untether yourself from insurance companies completely.
  • You can relieve the burden on your financial coordinators to close the deal for you.
  • You can get in your car at the end of a full day without feeling burnt out, dreading your alarm the next morning or feeling like you’re not impacting your patients for the better.
It’s time to step away from running your business through trial and error.
It’s time to upgrade your practice, with the Dental Profits Academy.

You’ve already mastered the clinical aspects of dentistry. With Dental Profits Academy, you will gain the business acumen you need to run a successful shop.



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